ORCA Computing Leads R&D Consortium to Pioneer Quantum Networking Multiplexing Technologies

ORCA Computing has announced it is spearheading a collaborative R&D consortium to develop market changing multiplexing technologies to advance quantum networking for use in quantum computing and data centers. In collaboration with other top quantum experts, including Toshiba Europe, Ltd., Bay Photonics, Ltd., Imperial College London, and University College London, the consortium will develop advanced multiplexing and switching technologies for large-scale quantum data transfer to scale quantum computing to levels necessary for commercial application.

“As with classical networking, quantum networking is essential for the transmission and sharing of quantum information. Multiplexing and switching are foundational techniques in the telecommunications industry, enabling ultra-high data transmission rates,” explained Bob Sorensen, Senior VP of Research at Hyperion Research.

“In order for enterprise use-cases to fully benefit from quantum computing, effective quantum networking will be needed to facilitate the scaling up of quantum systems beyond the limits of individual quantum processors. The development of advanced components for large-scale quantum data transfer is a critical next step for the industry and could drive significant market advancements,” added Sorensen.

Building from ORCA’s extensive experience in quantum control of photons, the project sets the stage for a significant advancement in quantum networking capabilities, with broad implications for high performance computing and cloud data centers. For the first time ever, a suite of technologies will be delivered and operated in tandem: quantum memories, frequency shifters, and spatial switches.  This will allow the networking that takes place within and between quantum computers to exponentially scale to performance levels necessary for industrial scale quantum computing and networking.

“This advancement will mark a significant step forward in current multiplexing and switching technologies, fostering the growth of quantum networking and advancing telecommunications,” said Josh Nunn, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at ORCA Computing. “The anticipated result of this project will be a world-first demonstration of three high-performance quantum communications technologies used together. Combined with ORCA approach to modular system design, users can benefit from both superior performance and upgradability.”

ORCA Computing’s Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Josh Nunn, will discuss aspects of the project during his presentation titled: “Networking technologies for effective scaling of quantum computers.” at the Quantum for International Workshop (Q4I Workshop) in Rome, NY on June 27, 2024. Learn more here.