Our CEO & Co-Founder Richard Murray published an article in VentureBeat discussing how 2023 will be the year of innovation and disruption, and could even be the breakthrough year we’ve been waiting for.

Here are the highlights:

  • New players will emerge with alternative approaches towards quantum computing: Perhaps replacing qubits and gate models with qumodes, using model simulations and quantum annealing models.
  • Despite progress on short-term applications, 2023 will not see error correction disappear. Far from it, the holy grail of quantum computing will continue to build a machine capable of fault tolerance.
  • This year may create software or hardware breakthroughs that will show how we’re closer to fault tolerance than we think.
  • Regardless of the turmoil in the international financial markets, quantum computing may continue to buck the trend with large funding rounds.
  • Geopolitics will continue to shape quantum as it does the rest of the economy; this shaping could reach a fever pitch with the growing separation between the U.S. and China.

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