Sifted: Photonic quantum startup ORCA Computing raises $15 million Series A

Our Co-founder and CEO Richard Murray spoke to Sifted about our recent $15 million Series A raise. He discussed how the money will be used to roll out near-term photonic quantum computing systems as well as software that will enable organisations to develop future data processing capabilities. The investment will also be used for our company’s longer-term objective to advance work on error-correction.

He also discussed how the race is on to determine which type of qubit is best, with photonics, superconducting and trapped-ions leading the way.

“I think photonics has a really attractive future. It’s different enough that I can see it easily coexisting alongside those other types of qubits. It’s only photonics that allows for quantum information to be carried over distances any more than a metre. Everything else, all the information is quite localised and that makes scaling the systems up quite hard.”

“Photonics is quite different from normal quantum computers, in that photonics systems are very, very fast, they’re relatively easy to work with — they’re not cryogenically cooled —and therefore they’re quite easily adaptable for things like machine learning.”

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