BBC Newsnight

Following the UK government’s announcement to invest £2.5 billion in quantum technology over the next decade, BBC Newsnight’s science and technology correspondent Kate Lamble came over to our office to interview our Co-founder and CEO Richard Murray about ORCA and why this investment is important for the UK.

Richard also discussed how quantum computing will help us revolutionise the way we design new drugs, optimise logistical networks and accelerate machine learning.

In terms of industry progress, he believes, as quantum is a completely new industry, the game hasn’t been won, in fact it’s just beginning.

Overall, Richard thinks the UK has a very strong opening game, but less experience at the late stages of the end game when it comes to scaling up companies and maintaining market position, but quantum is one of the ways we can change that.

We were also excited to welcome the BBC Newsnight crew into our lab to film our technology in action.

If you’d like to watch the interview, please see the link here to the BBC Newsnight episode. The quantum segment starts at 20:07.