ORCA to provide PSNC with first Quantum Computers 

ORCA Computing has been selected by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) to provide two PT-1 quantum photonics systems. Funded under the Polish program, the systems will be installed at the PSNC’s high-performance computing data center located in Poznań, Poland and will accelerate its work in quantum computing across a range of scientific and application areas including biology, chemistry and machine learning. 

PSNC is internationally renowned for its IT infrastructure in science and information and communication technologies. It will integrate ORCA Computing’s PT-1 quantum systems into its high-performance infrastructure to help advance critical scientific research and industrial innovation. 

Krzysztof Kurowski, PSNC Technical Director commented: “The availability of two on-premise quantum computers from ORCA Computing is a milestone moment for the PSNC and our vision of distributed quantum-classical computing. Having direct access to quantum computing technologies will accelerate our understanding of quantum computing and facilitate the development of novel quantum-classical applications.” 

The ORCA PT is based on programmable Bosonic Sampling using telecom photon wavelengths. The computational results are highly complex statistics which can be used by applications in machine learning and optimisation. The system can be integrated with classical HPC solutions and is equipped with a python-based Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK supports hybrid quantum/classical algorithms with QPUs and GPUs. 

ORCA’s technology uses single photons – single units of light – as its information carrier, which not only allows the system to be naturally adept at interfacing with networks but also creates a modular, flexible and upgradable system. ORCA’s use of proprietary multiplexing technology to manipulate the timing, frequency, and routing of single photons also allows it to achieve huge data densities to enable full-scale quantum computing with far fewer components. 

PT-1 systems have been procured under EUROHPC-PL project and will be installed at the PSNC data center in November and December 2023. Two ORCA systems will be integrated with classical HPC systems and workloads in PSNC quantum computing and quantum communication environment. Under EuroHPC-PL project ORCA systems will be used as advanced quantum accelerators integrated with classical EuroHPC-PL environment. PSNC will integrate ORCA systems with other quantum computing technologies and environments. The center is working on software solutions and use cases for the ORCA systems environment.