Inside Quantum Technology podcast

Our CEO and Co-Founder Richard Murray appeared on the Inside Quantum Technology podcast, talking about how he started out in science and his journey to launching ORCA Computing.

Richard’s parents, who were science teachers, inspired him to study maths and physics. After receiving his PhD in quantum atom optics, he worked in the private sector and helped Oakley explore using nano-structures to polarize their sunglasses. Later, he led Innovate UK‘s £32 million program focused on quantum technologies before co-founding ORCA Computing with Josh Nunn and Ian Walmsley in 2019.

Richard explained the benefits of using photonics in quantum computing, such as being able to operate at room temperature, and how the ORCA team identified that short-term quantum memories could synchronize photonic operations, performing “spectral multiplexing.”

Listen to the Inside Quantum Technology Podcast.