Global Defence Technology: Quantum leap, reaping the benefits of early adoption

Our CEO and Co-founder Richard Murray recently had an in-depth interview with Global Defence Technology magazine regarding the UK MoD’s investment in its first quantum computer and the significance of being quantum ready.

Becoming quantum ready requires time and direct access to quantum computing tools that will accelerate skills and applications development.

“It needs a complete rethink about how you approach problems, how you structure your data, what types of problems you might solve. So that takes a lot of education, but people are working, like our customers, with real quantum computers to do that.”

In the article, Stephen Till, Senior Fellow of the UK MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, added:

“Learning how to programme and use a quantum computer is just the same as programming and using a digital machine: it is vital to experiment with writing programmes and learning from mistakes. Reading books and journals is no substitute for practical experience.”

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