Computing: How quantum computing will revolutionise AI and machine learning

William Clements, the Head of Machine Learning at ORCA Computing, authored an article for Computing discussing how quantum computing will revolutionise AI and Machine Learning (ML).

The article highlights the limitations of traditional computers in processing data due to the constraints of Moore’s Law and the increasing demand for processing larger and more complex data in various sectors such as healthcare, defense, energy, and finance. These industries require greater accuracy, precision, and scalability of calculations, which current state-of-the-art optimization and simulation methods on traditional computers struggle to provide.

Quantum computing has emerged as a potential solution, offering the capability to process vast amounts of data efficiently. However, the timeline and practical implementation of useful quantum systems are still uncertain. The article suggests exploring non-error corrected systems, which are currently a subject of heated debate regarding their usefulness, for those interested in quantum computers sooner and their potential integration with AI and ML.

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